Spirit Rock

We are so excited to have our Spirit Rock and to be the FIRST in GCSD with one! We can’t wait to give our MES families the opportunity to share in the spirit with us! WIth that being said, the information below provides details regarding RENTING the spirit rock and the policies surrounding the rock. The MES Spirit Rock is available for $10/day. Sign-ups are in 24 hour periods from 4pm the day before until 4pm the day you reserved it. For example, if you sign up for Thursday, September 12th you may paint the rock after 4pm on Wednesday, September 11th and will have it through 4pm on Thursday. Please triple check your dates! 


Payment can be made one of three ways:
● Online - see “Pay For Your Date Here” link above.
● Cash - delivered to the front office. Please be sure to notate on an envelope who reservation is for and what day(s) you are reserving.
● Check - made out to Maryville PTO and delivered to the front office. Please be sure to notate on an envelope who reservation is for and what day(s) you are reserving.

What time can I start painting? Reservations are 4pm-4pm, Monday-Thursday. Painting starts 4pm the day prior to your reservation. For example, 4pm Sunday for Monday reservation and Thursday, 4pm for Friday reservation.

How many days can I purchase?
Multiple days can be reserved, but will be capped at 3 days in order for every family to have a chance to reserve the rock. MES reserves the right to block out days for school use.

What if the day I wanted is taken? What if it rains? MES Spirit Rock reservations are first come, first serve. No refunds! If it rains, the rock can be toweled off, then painted. If you cannot paint on your reserved day, consider donating the day to a friend. You may wish to place a tent over if the forecast predicts that rain may come in while you are planning to paint.

What do I need to paint the rock?
Families provide their own paint and all materials needed to create their original message and design. Spray paint works well on the rock. We suggest 2-3 cans for base coat and some paint for design, but depending on design, more may be needed. Acrylic paints also work well for detailed designs.

Spirit Rock Guidelines
Please be mindful of our Maryville Elementary Spirit Rock and Campus.
● Please make sure to keep the area around the rock clean. Do not leave trash, paint or brushes behind. Remember to use a drop cloth or old sheet to keep mulch looking nice.
● PTO reserves the right to remove the painting for any profanity, political statements, or inappropriate messages. Refunds will NOT be issued if the rock is painted over due to these types of messages, statements, illustrations, etc. PTO and MES staff will routinely check the rock to ensure no offensive messages or symbols were used.
● PTO is not responsible for painting the rock. We can’t wait to see all the creativity our MES families come up with!
● The family painting the rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group who may be injured, or who may incur clothing or other personal property damage. Spirit

Rock Painting and Design Tips
● The best paint to use is spray paint. Premium spray paint works best (Rustoleum, etc) vs. a generic store brand. You will probably need 2-3 cans for a good base coat and additional paint for your design. The quantity needed will depend upon the color you are using, the color already painted on the rock, and weather conditions. Remember, latex paint or paint that is rolled on will take longer to dry.
● Once you have the base coat done, use chalk to sketch out your design. Try to do large shapes so that it’s easy to see from the road and so that you can use spray paint for most of it.
● Stand back from the rock to make sure you can see the design from there.
● Spray paint your large areas. If you mess up, use your base coat color to fix the mistake. ● For more detailed areas, use a can/tube of paint and a paintbrush. While outdoor latex is best, regular artists' acrylic seems to work well too (even in rain).
● Make sure to bring paper towels to wipe any drips
● Bring a cup of water if you are using a paintbrush.
● Wearing rubber gloves will help keep your hands clean.
● Have fun and post photos to our Facebook page!
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